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Friday, August 31, 2012

Wellington Cricket comes to Newlands School

Cricket Day for Room 3!
On Wednesday 29th of August 2012 Room 3 had a fun day learning about cricket. We learnt learnt how to keep safe on the other side of the field. We used cricket bats and tennis balls. I had so much fun.

by Liam

Cricket is Here
Hop 2, 3, 4 Hop 2, 3, 4 I said as I stomped along. We were joining Room 4 for cricket! There were 2 people that were setting up the things that we would do! They put us into teams so that we could play games. It was game after game. It wouldn't stop. Oh finally...what is it, what is it? It's a GOODIE BAG!!!!!! I was soooo happy. I was so excited to get a goodie bag of cricket stuff.
by Hannah
Cricket Snipet
"LET'S GO!"I said because because today is cricket day to see if you would like to join a cricket team! First we got ourselves into teams. The first challenge was to go around a stand and tap it 3 times and come back and roll it to the next person, then roll it back and put it on the stand. We ran off. The first team was next to us. Then the challenge got harder and HARDER!!!!!! ext we had to go behind the stand and catch the ball and throw it back. Next we had to throw it to the person and go back to the line. WE got prize packs....yay!!!!!
by Jack 

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