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Friday, August 31, 2012

Daffodil Day at Newlands School

Yaaa it's Daffodil Day. I came to school wearing yellow. We made daffodils in the hall. It was very fun.
by Zaina

Daffodil Day was a fun day. We raised $474.50 and the money is going to the Cancer Society to be used to help the people that have cancer. It was also fun making daffodils in the hall. For our maths we got to count up all the money from the classes.
by Helleena

Today I walked into school and no one was in their uniform. They were in their bright yellow clothes. Everybody had something yellow to wear and everybody brought gold coins to support people with cancer. We made lots of daffodils and we had so much fun making them.
by Tania


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