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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Newlands School Book Fair

The Book Fair is soooo cool. I've got heaps of stuff to wish for on my wish list.

by Lochlainn

Today we went to the Book Fair. There were heaps of books there. My favourite book was The Party Pool.
by Zaina

Today was an interesting day because Clifford came and told us about a book fair in our library. Then we got to go and browse at some of the books. I think the one that I want most is My Year Passbook.
by Kiri

Why did Clifford come out of the middle of no where? He came from the book fair to tell us all about it. I hope I get go after school to the book fair.
by Kaylen

Today was a big surprise. When we walked into the library there was a book fair. All the books were amazing. I had 5 that were my favourite. I put them on my wish list. I can't wait until I go again tonight.
by Chelsey

You can't believe this. We are having a book fair for 3 days at our school. There are so many amazing books. You should go too. I wish I could read them all.
by Naomi

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